• The TOC Sales solution is designed to meet these challenges of major sales. The TOC Sales solution is applied by many organizations around the world, all report high return on investment.

    • Are you or your sales-people struggling to present offers as solutions to prospect’s problems?
    • Do you have problems proceeding with the sales process after the first meeting with the prospect took place?
    • Do your sales-people know how to approach and present a NEW offer to the prospect?

    As you well know, major sales have several characteristics that distinguish them from regular sales:

    • Long sales cycle (numerous meetings, over a relatively long period of time).
    • The prospect must consult with (and convince) others, prior to making the decision.
    • Significant debates about the purchasing considerations occur between the meetings, when the salesperson is not present.
    • Major sale means a major decision – if the decision is wrong, this also means a major mistake – one that cannot be easily overlooked or hidden.

    The characteristics of major sales place ample challenges on the salesperson. The salesperson must significantly enhance the value of the offer in the eyes of the prospects and provide them with the ability to convince other decision makers in their organization. Enhancing the value of the offer is not simple at all while describing the product and its advantages too soon or trying to close the deal too early substantially deteriorates the chances of closing the deal.

    The TOC Sales solution is designed to help salespersons meet these challenges. It was conceived in 2003 as an integration of known selling techniques (like SPIN selling) together with the thinking and buy-in processes of the Theory Of Constraints.

    The technique focuses on building a presentation of an offer to a specific prospect(s) using the methodologies mentioned above. Analyzing and deciding how to present:

    • The problems of the prospect and their consequences (preferably on bottom line) that the offer solves.
    • The required direction for a solution and the criteria to evaluate it which serves as a bridge to present  the offer.
    • The way the offer is the solution to the prospect’s problems.
    • The way to overcome obstacles preventing the advancement of the sale process (obtaining a commitment to proceed).

    The process is taught  to the point that a presentation is ready and the participants have practiced delivering it several times.

    An important point that must be taken into consideration: This is a SALES application – not MARKETING. It does not focus on creating an offer that will have a competitive edge; deciding which markets should be approached; how to deal with competitors etc. The sales application is focused on the way to present an (already decided upon) offer to a prospect so that they will see its value and decide to purchase. The starting point is that the prospect knows who we are and is willing to listen to us (if this is not the case then you might need a solution for your Marketing efforts). When considering the TOC Sales solution one should examine if there is a problem in Sales not Marketing.

    Based on TOC we offer solutions for ultimate success.

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