TOC Today

  • More and more organizations regard TOC as the best way of managing companies and entire supply chains

    Since the beginning of the new millennium the following organizational and business functions are covered by robust generic TOC-Solutions:

    • Holistic Company Development (Viable Vision)
    • Breakthrough Solution Management (Thinking Processes)
    • Marketing & Sales
    • Finance & Measurements
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Operations
    • Project Management & Engineering

    Today TOC is integrating strategy, tactics, planning, control, prioritization, measurement and improvement into a logical and holistic management approach. Due to its common sense logic and impressive results in various kinds of industries and organizations TOC is more and more regarded as the best way of managing companies and entire supply chains.

    Furthermore TOC is influencing the development and offering of integrated business software – today TOC based MRP, ERP, Project Management and Supply-Chain tools are available. TOC covers the necessary and sufficient aspects of a new management approach – a new thinking, a defined process for implementation and the corresponding tools.