• Goldratt Implementation Group: Europe’s Unified Expertise in TOC

    Inspired by Dr. Goldratt the Goldratt Implementation Group (GIG) was founded in January 2003 in order to unify Europe’s expertise in the Theory of Constraints (TOC) into one team consists of the most experienced TOC-consultants.Today the group members are based in 16 offices and operating in more than 15 countries.

    Besides the partnership within our consulting network, one of the secrets of our success is extensive knowledge sharing among the partners. Twice a year GIG’s partners gather in a conference were knowledge is shared, challenged and enhanced. Thus our partners play a significant role in the creation, ongoing development and application of the TOC Body of Knowledge.

    Besides the ongoing development of TOC the main purpose of the Goldratt Implementation Group is to educate, coach and consult organizational leadership teams in the achievement of solid bottom line results by implementing TOC based strategies and business solutions.


    Goldratt Implementation Group and its partners are active in various industries like aerospace, automotive, construction, distribution, healthcare, manufacturing, services, semiconductor, transportation and telecommunication. Among their clients are multinational and mid-size companies as well as very small ones.

    Global span from the heart of Europe

    GIG offers the highest concentration of TOC-know-how and implementation experience to the European market.
    Apart from our presence in Europe we are also able to serve our clients virtually everywhere regardless of whether it is in China, South Africa or Brazil. This is thanks to our networks global presence as well as our experience of working together with people from different cultures. Furthermore, GIG is closely working together with relevant TOC-software companies and TOC-professionals around the world.