• Project Management & Engineering

    Speed in Product Development is often key in winning the market battle. It is a tough challenge to beat fierce competition and meet high customer expectations. Many times several projects are competing for scarce key resources, uncertainty is the name of the game and time is too short.
    Through the implementation of the Theory of Constraints break-through methodology for managing multi-project environments – Critical Chain – we have shown that it is possible to manage the seemingly chaotic multi-project environment, and achieve dramatic increase in speed and effectiveness.

    Our services cover a wide spectrum of support from managing individual Single Projects – to the many aspects of the multi-project arena:

    • Portfolio Management – maximizing company value by selecting and introducing the most profitable projects in a timely manner,
    • Pipeline Management – intelligently planning and controlling the progress of projects within the limits of available resources,
    • Resource Management – managing resource utilization and capability to meet current and future requirements.

    Key Components of the Solution

    • A solid managerial methodology
    • A simple, yet powerful, logistical solution for multi project planning
    • A simple mechanism for dynamic real-time project & resource control
    • A transferable knowledge package
    • A structured implementation process creating rapid buy-in and ownership


    With the implementation of the prokect management solution of TOC the following results are generally realized in 3 to 12 month without noteworthy investments in capacity:

    • R&D capacity increase, 20-50%.
    • Project lead-times 20-50% faster.
    • Projects on time, close to 100%.
    • …without sacrificing scope…
    • …and still within budget.

    Based on TOC we offer solutions for ultimate success.

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