Supply Chain

  • Supply Chain Management & Distribution

    How do you manage the Supply Chain so that the right (low) amount of inventories are located at the right places at the right times?

    • How do you do it without trying to develop more accurate forecasting systems? The path proven to us to be a dead end by Chaos Theory.
    • How do you do it without increasing your transportation costs or eroding your margins?
    • How do you do it without the time consuming investments in increasing the reliability of your suppliers?

    We support our clients in our implementations to meet these challenges through our innovative and robust solution – Pull Replenishment, based on the Theory of Constraints.
    More than being just a logistical solution, our implementations create a common mind set that truly synchronizes the actions of everyone in the supply chain towards achieving the common objectives.

    Key Components of the Solution

    • A solid managerial methodology
    • A simple, yet powerful, logistical solution for controlling a supply chain.
    • A transferable knowledge package.
    • A structured implementation process creating rapid buy-in and ownership.


    With the implementation of Pull Replensihment the following results are generally realized in 2 to 6 month:

    • Inventory reduction, 20-50%.
    • Increased sales 10-30% through availability consistently at or close to 100%.
    • Increased cost efficiency.

    Based on TOC we offer solutions for ultimate success.

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