Arjan Koudijs

  • Arjan Koudijs73 Nim Road #10-01
    Singapore 807584

    Mobile: +66 6 2490 9387

    The first part of his career, Arjan immersed himself in IT, in particular ERP development and implementation in manufacturing. Later this became development of SAP order fulfillment as part of the Y2K preparation and transition.

    In subsequent years Arjan led the roll out of SAP order fulfillment in Asia Pacific for IFF. Six implementations on time and within budget. Having transformed  manufacturing plants to new order fulfillment systems and deliver better performance, the  opportunity came to run a food ingredient plant in Thailand as head of operations.

    A successful transition from SAP projects to Operations in Thailand triggered a next step in his career less than two years later.  Arjan was needed to turn the biggest food ingredient plant for IFF around in Europe, covering sales of $380mio with multiple complex processing technologies.

    Under Arjan’s leadership, performance turned  around fast. On time deliver from 80% to 94%, expenses down by 5% and inventory down by 40%. TOC principles applied in both manufacturing and inventory changed the underdog plant into a high performer. At the same time a new level of leaders was developed to safeguard the future.

    The next assignment brought Arjan to Asia, responsible for operations in 8 countries and 9 plants to bring from a group of plants to a solid regional business team in a complex business and multi-cultural environment.

    Using TOC principles, service was not only redefined within the operations group, yet especially also together with commercial and marketing teams became part of creating competitive edge.

    In addition, annual productivity improvements worth $2 to $3 mio, an inventory reduction from 94 days to 75 (approx $16mio) while improving service levels from 94% to 97% were delivered.

    Moreover, development of a strong team that understands solid operating principles created a strong foundation for stability and support of growth now and in the future. In that same period, Arjan and his team designed, built and commissioned plants in Singapore, China and Indonesia successfully, on budget and on time.

    Now Arjan’s focus is on helping business owners apply the principles tried and tested to improve their business performance fast, generating new options to generate competitive edge in a pragmatic way.

    Arjan is a lifetime member of TOCICO, the international TOC international certification organization and active partner of the Goldratt Implementation Group Europe.