Kurt Corthout

  • Pasfoto met naam Kurt CorthoutKurt Corthout
    1-2 Solve BVBA
    Gerhagenstraat 80,
    3980 Tessenderlo

    Mob: +32 478 75 21 46

    Email: kurt.corthout@gig-europe.eu
    web: www.12solve.be

    Kurt is born in 1971 has more than 15 years experience in different sectors with his main experience in management consulting.
    Kurt has a Master in Business Sciences (Option Management Informatics) and has further certifications as a Project Management Professional (PMI), Prince2 (Foundation), Portfolio and Asset Manager (Finance), TOC application expert in Critical Chain Project Management and he is a Certified PMO manager (PMOUSA).
    After more than 10 years experience, as a consultant in banking, finance, the card business government Kurt founded his management consultancy company 1-2 Solve in 2005 with its mission to maximize ROI for each and every customer with a focus on solution development and change implementations that ensure that every change is a sustainable improvement for the company’s goals, supported by all decision makers.
    In 2013 1-2 Solve became a partner of GIG-Europe, a partnership of European TOC experts with additional knowledge in Lean and Six Sigma.
    Kurt’s ambition is to continuously improve his own knowledge and understanding of the TOC core Logical Thinking Processes and to use this to help companies to realize breakthroughs in their profitability on the short and long term.
    Kurt is convinced that the synergies that come from the combination of TOC, Lean and Six Sigma, until now, is the most effective and efficient way to enable any individual or organization to direct all attention to what is the biggest lever to fulfill any ambition or goal in a sustainable way, allowing corporations, companies, organizations and their people to fulfill a meaningful existence.
    Some of Kurt’s latest results have been in the Supply Chain of the Oil and Gas Industry as well as in Navigation