Darius Radkevičius

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    Babiniu sodu 15 street 41
    Vilnius, LT 08428

    Phone: +37069841027
    Email: darius.radkevicius@gig-europe.eu
    website: www.versloknyguklubas.lt

    Darius Radkevičius is owner of D.Radkevičiaus enterprise (activities: consulting, trainings) and UAB „Rgrupė“ Inc. stock holder (activities: business books publishing. Books are published in Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian and English).The business starts (1997 – 2002) from:Reward and motivation system

    The business activity starts in 1997 from Salary surveys according HayGroup methodology. During 1998 was created first western Reward system to one of biggest Lithuanian organizations: banks, telecom, Lithuanian ferry lines and etc. Job descriptions and organizational structure.Business development from 2001 – till now:Strategic business analysis

    In 2001 was made first Management Audit for Vilnius Government and Effectiveness analysis of Supply Department for Ministry of Defense. From 2002 Darius works in business reengineering area using Flow management philosophy (TOC (Theory of Constraints) and LEAN methodologies) in Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine. In 2011 was made analysis for the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania on legal proceeding flow with the task to determine what prevent decision speed.Business development from 2001 – till now:Knowledge Transfer in Production, Quality, Finance, Supply, Sales, Marketing, HR

    In Lithuania – more than 100 companies had benefited from Darius coaching and workshops.

    In Latvia – around 50 companies had benefited from Darius coaching and workshops.
    In Ukraine – more than 100 companies had benefited from Darius coaching and workshops. In 2008 students from Kiev Mohila Business School (best business school in Ukraine) recognized Darius as one of best KMBS teachers.
    In Malaysia – around 50 companies. In 2007 workshop on Supply Chain management was done for the Chemi-con (Japan) factory in Malaysia and their suppliers from Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan.

    Business development from 2001 – till now:Projects

    2001 – 2005, 2012 – TOC & LEAN implementation in to production;
    2004 – 2009 – supply system reorganization from Push mode of work to Pull in distribution.
    2006 – 2008 – “Repricing” strategy: management accounting based on TOC solution for production
    2008 – 2012 – work with Retail networks, inventory and assortment management service.
    2005 – 2013 – SFS (solutions for sales) Mafia offers for Win-Win solution.
    2008 – 2013 – Strategy creation
    2013 – back to HR issues. KPI and motivation system for Flow Management (TOC, LEAN, 6Sigma)
    In 2009 Darius published his first book on management «God, Quantum physics, Organizational structure and Management style» in Lithuanian, English and Russian.