Carl Peeters

  • Pasfoto met naam Carl PeetersCarl Peeters
    Office : Mol, Belgium

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    Constraint Management Center Belgium
    Center for Performance Coaching
    Asberg 10
    2400  Mol, Belgium

    Tel : + 32 14 31 82 39
    Fax : +32 14 32 29 44
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    Carl Peeters is the founder of the Center for Performance Coaching – CPC and co-founder of the Constraint Management Center Belgium – CMCB.He is born in 1964 and started his career at the Antwerp Center for Quality Control as consultant in Total Quality Management and industrial engineering after his studies as Industrial Engineer (electro mechanics) in Antwerp.
    From the start he used the basic principles of TOC in his consultancy projects and he specialized in production organization and efficiency. The last 25 years he conducted more than 75 efficiency surveys in different companies and coached those companies to a higher performance level.

    After being manager of the Antwerp Center for Quality Control he started in 1999 his own consulting company, the Center for Performance Coaching which focused on improving productivity in small and medium sized enterprises using the combination of lean and TOC techniques.

    Since 2005 Carl is also a certified TOC application expert in Logistics and Supply Chain. He took part in several TOC implementations as production and logistics expert and is now focusing on the Belgian market to help companies who want to implement Drum-Buffer-Rope, buffermanagement, replenishment and other TOC basic concepts.

    In 2008 he started the Constraint Management Center Belgium – CMCB. The goal of this organization is to spread the TOC knowledge and techniques in the Flemish part of Belgium through trainings and workshops.
    Until now he trained more than 150 people in workshops concerning TOC (only in Dutch).
    Carl’s ambition is to continuously improve his own knowledge and understanding of TOC and to use this to help the Flemish small and medium sized companies to realize breakthroughs in their profitability on the long term.