Bengt Nilsson

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    Bengt Nilsson founding partner of the GIG and Senior Partner of Velocity Management Group AB was born in 1956 in Sweden. He received his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Lund Institute of Technology in Sweden. He worked as a Project Leader in the Swedish Software and Telecom industry for 10 years starting in the early 80-ies. He then focused his attention on the development and implementation of methods for efficient software development. This work gradually expanded to include all types of product development.

    Together with Tove Janzon Rusch he founded Janzon & Nilsson Management specializing in large scale implementations of soft ware development improvements. During these years TOC ideas evolved from being inspiration to becoming core elements of the implementations. After joining forces with Arcono to form Velocity Management Group Mr. Nilsson has specialised in implementing Critical Chain in R&D organisations. Bengt Nilsson has been active in Velocity Management Groups cooperation with Lund Institute of Technology, giving lectures on Critical Chain to students and doctorates.

    Today Bengt Nilsson has been involved in the implementation and operation of Critical Chain in all types of industries and enterprises. Bengt is convinced that the maturity of the Critical Chain tools and methods and the large number of the success stories will lead to substantial increase in the demand for Critical Chain training and support. Bengt sees the forming of GIG (Europe) as a critical event in securing experience based capacity for meeting the demand for Critical Chain from European companies and institutions.