Wolfgang Klemm

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    Wolfgang holds a diploma in political economy from Hamburg University, Germany. In parallel, he designed and led a complex AI research-project in manufacturing at TU Hamburg-Harburg to develop a manufacturing cell configuration expert system yielding multiple scientific results. This project was considered un-achievable by renowned experts for such a small team, Wolfgang felt that it is not enough to do only some things differently. So, he resorted to TAO insights and centered both, team and tasks to form a continuous flow of learning, elevated understanding, prototyping and realization over more than 4 years. From this experience after 10 years in AI research, he concluded to see organizations and processes to be much more than complex clockworks. Besides all mechanistic approaches, timing, determination, and flow clearly were key. His focus shifted from “technology and process” to integrative consulting to comprise all of people, technology, process, and efficiency.He has a broad background in high-complexity software development. In his professional career, he re-built whole departments at companies who suffered major brain-drain and was working in high profile projects and risk projects at a renowned consulting company. Based on his skills as ITIL Expert, ISO900x internal auditor, Scrum master, and project management expert, he has created a LEAN transformation factory approach for IT transformation projects and helps organizations gain a sustainable, decisive edge instead of cost-cutting, only. As a interim manager (head of development), he introduced a platform strategy to a troubled development team yielding 6 instead of 2 product lines within one year, meanwhile developing personal skills and identification, standing two complete ISO9001 system audits, and breaking ground for a strategic re-factoring to make products ready for new markets.

    Getting in touch with ToC and Dr. Goldratt, he found like-minded colleagues in the GIG, being both, open-minded and fully dedicated to tangible results.

    Today, he mainly helps companies to re-build their abilities and overcome major obstacles to growth, quality, stability, efficiency, and throughput.
    Wolfgang is an experienced trainer and consultant for internationally leading customers in industry (automotive, machinery, food, chemistry), services, ISP/ASP, and software development.
    Mostly, his work is combining TQM, LEAN, ToC, FLOW MPM, ITSM, process organization, crisis/conflict management, and personal enablement of people and teams.

    Wolfgang is principal contact for FLOW MPM in Germany. FLOW MPM leverages CCPM to real-world multi-project environments. www.aurora-consulting.de