28-29th november 2015 : GIG Conference, Eindhoven Netherlands

  • On november 28th and 29th 2015 GIG Europe organised it’s TOC GIG conference in Eindhoven Netherlands

    Some of the highlights presentations during the conference are

    • experience with Critical Chain and Multi-Project management by guest speaker Erik Pauwe.
    • a presentation about Thinking Process and buffer management by guest speaker Frits Staals
    • a breaktrhough at a Ukranian clothing company by Yuri Warzinsky and Jan Willem Tromp

    Also numerous interesting subjects were brought up and discussed in the light of TOC. Amongst these Scrum, Low WIP planning, Cognitive skills in learning, the book ‘Turn the ship around’ by David Marquet.

    Once again it was a very interesting and inspiring weekend.

    In the evening hours we thouroughly enjoyed the diner that Annemieke had made reservations for.